Dr. K, founder of Uzima Health and Wellness, interviews Esq. Makara Rumley, an environmental lawyer and advocate.

WUSA9's Get Up DC! team celebrated breast cancer survivors and shared cancer awareness information with community members.  In the video below, they included Dr K to provide additional insight into the disease.

It's #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth and Dr. Gigi welcomes Dr. Kendra Outler, Founder and CEO of Uzima Health & Wellness to talk about breast cancer, Black women, and healthcare disparities.

Dr K reflects on her friends, and reminds us that every day is Breast Cancer Awareness day when we have a loved one bravely fighting for their lives. Help us spread the word about Triple Negative Breast Cancer and give HOPE to young women who have this disease.

Dr. Kendra Outler talks with Tomica Carter about breast cancer and how it can be prevented with exercising and leading a healthier life.