About the Founder

Dr Kendra Outler is a board-certified anesthesiologist and proud graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. With an extensive background in public health, Dr K created MyUzima Health & Wellness as a platform to address the health disparities she has seen and experienced in major medical centers throughout the U.S. and in the lives of those around her. Through education and advocacy, MyUzima is designed to empower Black and underserved communities to find better health and healthcare.

About the Organization

MyUzima sits at the crossroads of education and advocacy, integrating social, medical, and political conversations so that communities of color can be empowered to eliminate the social and political determinants of health that shorten our life span. We share the latest news on medical conditions that disproportionately affect Black and underserved communities along with critical conversations on issues of race and health.

Media Services

If you want to be heard by the people most affected by health disparities, you need to be talking to Dr K and the MyUzima audience. Dr K interviews authors, medical professionals, advocates, organizers, and other subject-matter experts to help them share their work in the field of health disparities. Contact us to schedule an interview.



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MyUzima is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Maryland. Your donations are tax deductible. MyUzima is funded through grants, partnerships, and the support of people who believe the work we are doing to improve the health and wellness of Black and underserved communities is valuable. We need your help to further this work.