The work MyUzima does is important. We reach key audiences that companies and organizations may wish to reach in an authentic way or may wish to communicate with authentically. We encourage these companies to partner with MyUzima to help us fulfill our mission and, thereby, further their own.

If you are interested in sponsoring or becoming a partner to MyUzima, email us to set up a call.

Content Sponsorships

We partner with organizations that have peer-reviewed articles that address health equity and health disparity issues, specifically in the area of policy and education. We are able to syndicate articles or repost and by so doing, place these articles before the MyUzima audience.

Book Sponsorships

MyUzima partners with publishers, including university presses, to provide reviews of interest to our audience. The reviews provide links to point-of-sale sites such as Amazon, enabling interested readers to buy. Books of particular interest are those that explore the social determinants of health. See our Book Review section for some examples.

Directory Sponsors

We are seeking to work with sponsors and funders to underwrite the development of our directory of medical practitioners and specialists who provide medical care to the Black and underserved community. 

Paid Internships

If your organization would like to support a paid intern at MyUzima, or provide funding for a paid internship, please contact us! Interns can gain a wide range of experience in areas such as interviewing, writing, research, content compilation, and community outreach.