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Health Professional Radio interviews Dr K on health disparities impacting the Black community


The founder of Uzima Health & Wellness, Dr Kendra Outler, has been interviewed by Health Professional Radio. In the interview, she discusses health disparities she has seen and experienced in major medical centers.

HPR has been broadcasting since 2012 and is a health-dedicated media channel. The station format is “news and talk” with health news and interviews. It produces original content, including clinical, management-oriented and some lifestyle orientated. Its broadcasts have a focus on healthcare – primarily in hospital-based environments.

In the interview with Dr K, she talks about the education and advocacy work that Uzima is currently engaging in to empower Black communities to find better health and healthcare.  The social determinants of health – when combined with health disparities in medical care – have negative impacts on patient care outcomes from coast to coast.

You can listen to the entire interview at the Health Professional Radio YouTube channel below.

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