Youth Empowerment

Black youth empowerment is vital in promoting health equity, and UZIMA Health & Wellness is dedicated to amplifying their voices and ensuring their stories are heard and appreciated. By providing a platform for recognition, UZIMA empowers Black youth to become catalysts for change in their communities. Through nurturing their talents, offering resources, and fostering resilience, UZIMA equips these young leaders to challenge barriers and address disparities. With access to education, leadership development, and healthcare, they advocate for equitable policies and drive sustainable transformation.

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Dr Kendra Outler recently spoke with Morgan State University registered dietician Chinasa Ekweariri, RD, LDN.

Over the course of the discussion, Dr Outler and Ekweariri covered the dietician’s career

There are approximately 28 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old in the United States, and there have been nearly 2 million cases of COVID-19 within

Food insecurity is the lack of consistent access to enough food to meet the needs of all individuals within a household and can be divided into two categories.

Tennis star Naomi Osaka has pulled out of the French Open citing an ongoing battle with depression and social anxiety.

Uzima Founder and CEO, Dr. Kendra Outler sit-downs with Yale Associate Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Nii Addy to discuss micro-aggressions and assumptions Black male students face.

Gift these life-giving books throughout the year! The little ones will love them,  will grow to appreciate and value their roots, understand their ancestry and gain a clear perspective of the

Most parents of K-12 students are worried about their children falling behind in school because of pandemic-related disruptions.

Decision to continue to online education for low income children:

One Ambassador Shares His Story

Empowering Voices: Sharing Youth Stories that Inspire and Ignite Change.

Do you possess an awe-inspiring story waiting to be shared? At UZIMA, we are committed to amplifying the voices of Black youth, empowering them to foster change within their communities and promote health equity and diversity. Join us in unleashing the power of your story and making a lasting impact.

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