Uzima sits at the crossroads of education and advocacy, integrating social, medical, and political conversations to empower Black communities to eliminate the social and political determinants of health that shorten their lifespan. Conceived by Dr. K., Uzima brings together top medical experts and disseminates critical information to address the key social determinants of health that disproportionately impact these communities. The goal is to improve health equity for Black communities and promote lasting change in the medical establishment’s approach to addressing health disparities.

Kendra Outler, MD
Education, Environment, Economics Icons

Addressing Racial Health Disparities by Improving the 3E’s

Structural racism has profoundly impacted the 3E’s—Environment, Education, and Economics—for Black communities. Uzima recognizes the 3E’s as key factors in racial health disparities and is dedicated to collaborating with healthcare organizations to measure and manipulate the 3E’s, working toward optimal healthcare for all.

Your Health Journey:
Uzima's YouTube Videos and the Path to Equity

Maternal health. Gun violence. Contaminated water. Mental health. Trauma. Air pollution. Join Dr. K and other public health and community experts and guests as they share information on critical health topics of particular interest to Black communities. Uzima’s vibrant YouTube channel takes you on a transformative journey, offering valuable insights that will help you take control of your health.

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