Data Research & Analysis

Uzima helps healthcare institutions:

• See real improvements in value-driven care

• Connect with relevant health crisis issues in Black communities

• Create cost-effective, engaging, results-driven outreach strategies

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Why Trust Uzima Surveys?

Uzima offers a comprehensive survey generation methodology. We use proven approaches and platforms to tackle the toughest questions and gain real-world insight. We understand that regardless of the methodology chosen, having a reliable partner by your side is essential. From the initial design to the final report, we remain committed to providing you with a seamless and successful survey journey.

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Audience Understanding

Our intuitive and collaborative techniques uncover and amplify the voices of Black communities, conveying their needs and insights to your organization through compelling and impactful storytelling.

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Unparalleled Innovation

Uzima specializes in crafting customized programs that reveal unmet health equity needs, enabling us to shape innovative ideas that drive transformative change.

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Effective Communication

Communication is the art of making a lasting impact. With our deep understanding of human behavior, our communication is highly  effective at reaching Black communities.

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Brand Perception

We delve into the very heart of your audience to uncover their desires, capture their interest, and drive home your health equity message with our insightful perspective and expertise.

Our Process for Success

Black communities are facing a plethora of critical health and social issues, from gun violence to breast cancer to hunger. Uzima has created a unique process to help you design surveys that assess the needs, perceptions, and current health status of the Black communities in your target market.

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Delivering Clarity and Confidence

Our reports include data, visual storytelling, and illustrative respondent verbatims to make our recommendations well-supported and clear. We offer two options to suit your unique needs:


N=200 or N=500, 10-minute survey*

This approach includes:
Project kick-off and planning session
Project management
Survey design, programming and hosting
Summary report in PPT


N=15, 45 minute In-Depth Interviews or N=3, 90 minute Focus Groups
(4 to 5 participants each)*

This approach includes:
Project kick-off and planning session
Project management
Survey design, programming and hosting
Topline summary report in PPT

* feasibility will need to be determined on a market-by-market basis. Please consider the ballparks ONLY.

Together We Have the Power to Make a Positive Impact. Connect With Us and Start the Conversation.

The enormous issue of racial health equity can only be addressed through partnership and collaboration. By connecting you with Black communities, Uzima can be your key strategic partner in the mission to create equitable and fair health outcomes for all. Contact us to start the conversation.

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