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Podcast – The Political Determinants of Health


This podcast – and book review – is about another Daniel E. Dawes book that Dr. K strongly reccomends : The Political Determinants of Health.

The Political Determinants Of Health CoverThe Political Determinants Of Health by Daniel E DawesIn this book, Daniel E. Dawes argues that political determinants of health create the social drivers—including poor environmental conditions, inadequate transportation, unsafe neighborhoods, and lack of healthy food options—that affect all other dynamics of health. By understanding these determinants, their origins, and their impact on the equitable distribution of opportunities and resources, we will be better equipped to develop and implement actionable solutions to close the health gap.

Having met the author herself and after following his expertise in conversation about racism in medicine, Dr K says this a must-read for everyone to be better informed and not feel powerless.

In another book reviewed on this site, 150 years of ObamaCare, Dawes looks at this more closely, examining the difficult path healthcare in the United States has taken to provide equitable care.

You can listen to the podcast below and the book can be purchased from Amazon.




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