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Dr Kendra Outler recently spoke with Medical Doctor Jacquelyn Seymour Turner, Professor of Surgery at Tulane University School of Medicine, on the What the Doctor Say with Dr K podcast. 

It can be risky to assume something about a person—especially if that assumption impacts someone’s health and well-being. The dangers that can come with assumptions was at the heart of

Over the 2022 Christmas holidays, Dr K convened a group to discuss grief over the holidays, as many families get together and face missing seats at the table.  While death

Dr K, herself no stranger to loss and grief, created a discussion titled: Unpacking grief during the holidays - reflections and solutions. She dedicated the hour-long show to the three

The founder of Uzima Health & Wellness, Dr Kendra Outler, has been interviewed by Health Professional Radio. In the interview, she discusses health disparities she has seen and experienced in

To wade means to get through water with effort. In this report, Dr. Kendra Outler, MD of  Uzima Health and Wellness spoke to the new Executive Director of the Mississippi

As a part of ongoing discussions surrounding the rise of gun violence and the need for a cease fire, Dr Kendra Outler, MD from MyUzima sat down with two expert

As a part of ongoing discussions surrounding the rise of gun violence and the need for a cease fire, Dr. Kendra Outler, MD from MyUzima sat down with a panel

 Trauma psychology addresses the ways humans respond to stressors—especially stressors that are life-threatening or have the threat of causing psychological or physical harm. Working at a level one trauma

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