Partnering for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Lace Up and MyUzima have partnered since August 2019 to promote healthy teeth and gums in Black and underserved communities.

About Healthy Teeth & Gums

LACE Up smiling boyThe pandemic has affected many aspects of the lives of children. One important health area is dental care. Children with special needs such as autism, cerebral palsy, and downs syndrome must get specialized dental care that often requires sedation. Good dental care in children is important.

6 in 10 parents have attempted to get their child preventive dental care during the COVID-19 crisis, with a majority able to schedule appointments in a timely manner and a quarter landing their appointment after a delay, according to the national poll by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan.

Parents of Medicaid dental beneficiaries (15%) were more than three times as likely as private dental-insurance holders (4%) to report not being able to make an appointment, found the survey of 1,882 parents with at least one child aged 3 to 18.

“Because many dentists do not accept Medicaid payment, it often is difficult for parents to get dental care for their Medicaid-covered child outside the pandemic,” the report’s authors wrote. “Some Medicaid-enrolled children receive preventive dental services through school or public dental clinics, but those services have decreased during the pandemic.”

Concerning these findings, LACE Up will host monthly dental care initiatives in the DC area as an active response to the growing need for healthy teeth and gums among the children in our community.


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LACE Up Events

LACE Up launches

May 2021

LACE Up Launched it's Healthy Teeth and Gums Initiative with Beacon House on 15 May 2021. LACE Up provided athletes the opportunity to not only focus on their sport but also include a dental component.


LACE UP is on the move

June 2021

Saturday 26 June 2021 - LACE Up and Uzima Health & Wellness distributed 500 toothbrushes to children and adults at the AAU Track & Field Championship-PG County Sports Complex.



LACE Up - We got the kids !

July 2021

LACE Up teamed up with I5 Elite to give their youth track club a wonderful send off to the Junior Olympics in Jacksonville, Florida.


2022 AAU Region 3 Track & Field event

June 2022

LACE Up supported AAU Region 3 Track and Field with help from Starbuck's, Wegman's, Union Track Club, and our local dentists' community! 



One Ambassador shares his story

L.A.C.E. UP 5K Run

More About the LACE Up Initiative

  • LACE Up is a nonprofit organization (501 c(3) pending) designed to empower student athletes with tools needed to pursue their goal of becoming a collegiate athlete during the COVID-19 pandemic. While all sports are being affected, we find that track and field as a sport and the students involved in the sport have been greatly impacted. Both the outdoor season for 2019 and 2020 fall season were eliminated.

  • COVID-19 has increased the awareness of inequities faced by student athletes. It has created challenges for all families; however, children who live in areas of limited resources will be disproportionately affected. Oftentimes minority children use athleticism as a way to enter into higher education. If sports such as track and field are not available given the current climate or when the sport is allowed to return and student athletes are unable to participate due to internal or external reasons the nation will see further divide in the amount of minority children who are able to access college.

  • During this unprecedented time our goals are to identify rising seniors across the DMV area who need support as they pursue their dream of being a student athlete. The identified students will be encouraged through mentorship provided by collegiate athletes and coaches. Participants will have access to current information about the metrics needed to be recruited. Additionally, they will gain assistance in finding creative ways to meet coaches who are also in need of avenues to meet outstanding athletes.LACE Up will seek to be a recognizable organization that students join to enhance their academic and athletic skills and college coaches can feel comfortable identifying students that are highly motivated and qualified to move on to their program.

  • LACE Up will seek to be a recognizable organization that students join to enhance their academic and athletic skills and college coaches can feel comfortable identifying students that are highly motivated and qualified to move on to their program.


Ashley Wallace

Syracuse University

Jabril El-Amin

Georgetown University

Ryan Willie

(On left) Univerity of Florida

Danielle Dyer

Elon University

Nick Karayianis

University of Virginia

Ashton Allen

(Right) University of Southern California

Jay Pendarvis

University of Virginia

Jared Leath

Desales University

Caleb Mauney

North Carolina A&T